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Instant payments with Payment Link

Presenting you an innovative payment method for the first time in Pakistan. Send Payment Links to your customer via SMS, Email, Messenger or WhatsApp and get paid remotely. Get paid instantly even if you don’t have a website.

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Key Features

  • Now send payment links to your customer via SMS, Email, or other social media chatbots for example WhatsApp or Messenger and collect payments without hassle
  • No need of a Website! Don't have a website or mobile app for your payment? We have got your back! Generate Payment Links on our dashboard and share it with your customer
  • Dashboard Reporting: Keep a track of links shared and get notified whenever you receive payments from your merchant.
  • Use Payment Links as an easy substitute for cash-on-delivery and point-of-sale payment methods in your business.

Get Paid in Six Easy Steps

  • Merchant logs in portal via API or dashboard and start creating payment link
  • Merchant enters customer alias (name, mobile number) and ref ID
  • Merchant shares it with customer via SMS, Email, Messenger or WhatsApp
  • Customer clicks and is redirected to the checkout page.
  • Customer enters card details and hit payment button
  • Merchant gets notified and receives payment
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